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A photo of the original Moylan House, King David Lane, London, E1. It was built in 1938 and sold off by the Metropolitan Police in 1993. The original building has since been demolished and student accommodation built in its place.

Our History

Moylan Consulting was established in Singapore in 2009. Since then we have expanded our presence across Asia and in 2014 opened a second office in Hong Kong which has since become the headquarters for the company.


The company’s founder was a former officer with the Metropolitan Police in London with its prestigious headquarters at New Scotland Yard.


During the early 1990’s whilst still a serving officer the company’s founder was billeted at a police accommodation building in East London called “Moylan House” which was named in honour of Sir John FitzGerald Moylan. Sir John was a senior British civil servant and author. Sir John also served as the Receiver of the Metropolitan Police between 1919 and 1942. The Receiver was a title used in the past whose equivalent today would be Chief Financial Officer.


It was thought fitting that a subtle connection to the esteemed history of the Metropolitan Police with its world class reputation be maintained.   

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