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Background Screening

Our background screening business is utilised by clients wishing to conduct proactive checks on a variety of subjects ranging from potential staff, incumbent staff, vendors or other parties with whom they have, or intend to have, a contractual relationship.


The background screening business comes under the due diligence umbrella but it is treated as a standalone unit as it tends to be more standardized in terms of scope and pricing.


Many business sectors have been slow to adopt proactive background screening. The reasons for this are complex and varied. Some industries such as banking and finance however have had no choice but to implement background screening as it has become mandatory by regulators.


Moylan Consulting offers a wide range of background screening options to suit our clients’ needs. Our experienced management team can work with clients to roll out the most appropriate program. Our attention to quality control and timely product delivery is second to none.

What we offer:
  • Pre-Employment Screening


  • Reputational Screening


  • Vendor Screening


  • Customer Verification Screening


  • Document Verification Services


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