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Due Diligence

“If history repeats itself, and the unexpected always happens, how incapable must Man be of learning from experience.”


George Bernard Shaw


Probably the most underutilised risk management tool in the box is that of due diligence. It is also one of the most poorly executed risk tools.


Where does it all go wrong? Firstly in our experience businesses or investors simply overlook the need for due diligence. This occurs through a disastrous mixture of management incompetence and quite often arrogance. Secondly due diligence fails when an inappropriate party is appointed to conduct and oversee the process.


Our analysts are able to research and map out company and group holding structures in most jurisdictions. In many cases our findings have exposed shell companies or identified companies with previously undisclosed links to related or dubious third parties.   


Conducting reputational due diligence on key stakeholders is vital to identify and analyse any significant findings in relation to material legal proceedings, corrupt business practices or personal controversies.


Operational financial due diligence is used to verify the authenticity of accounts, audited or otherwise, as well as analysing the feasibility of a specific business remaining a viable on-going concern. Our assessments team will examine the “bigger picture” of financial risk including off the balance sheet risk and map out these and other factors. This would include examining the accounting standards and methodologies applied by auditors as often, whilst being legal, these can significantly skew a balance sheet. Examples of additional risk which would be examined might include political, environmental, geographical and other risks which can impact a target company’s stability.

What we offer:
  • Research into Company Structures and Ownership


  • Profiling of Company Principals and Major Shareholders


  • Financial and Political Risk Analysis Assessments


  • Compliance, Litigation and Regulatory Checks


  • Vendor and Customer Interviews


  • Site Inspections and Audit


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